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The bigger the penis, the worse the problem.

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Lacks something

I love this in the sense of how much work was put into it. I apriciate all the work you put into it exept your stop-motion. It worked for the consept of this video but it lacked life. Like at the beginning, it was basicly snap shots that were plopped together, and if there was any movement, it went from one spot to another and that was it.
I did notice though that by the end you tried to work on that but it still needs some work. Stop-motion is probobly the most time consuming styles of film so I can understand why you may have, or wanted to rushed it, but for future projects, try to put some life into it.
Also, what was the hardest scene to do? I can see the filming around the hand at the end to be a bit of a hastle but was there a scene where your clay wasn't cooperating? or kept falling? I'm interested.

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faceofdoomness responds:

I had a feeling someone was gonna notice that...

Well there were definitely the time constraints that everyone knows about but one of the big reasons why the puppet's movement seems stiff is because I didn't have a program to help me capture the stop motion frames.

With the program I can toggle between frames to see how good the movement is and to see if anything unnecessary moved. I didn't have the benefit of the program so I had to do it all by eye and the small touch screen of my camcorder.

In terms of stop motion, the toughest scene was the movements that Rat Man does that was supposed to loop "seamlessly." Like the frames where he's running and the part where he drags himself on the ground while facing the camera. I was surprised they looped as "good" as they did. If I had the time I would've re-filmed those frames but my time for the video and my time in Korea was short. (I had the perfect set up in the living room of my family's apartment.)

In terms of compositing, the part where he falls through the ground was the hardest. I had to mask out where I wanted the ground chunks to be "in front" of Rat Man and the Companion Cube as they fell. Spent days masking those layers in After Effects.

I hope this response is helpful.

(also if you want to see the puppet with more of a "life" to it, check out a short I did on my youtube entitled "To Rid Oneself of Ennui." I'm probably going to test out the limits of this puppet more during school to see exactly how much I can express through it.)

Very interesting and creative

(inside joke?) I'm going to guess that the CR! is supposted to be CRAP, but they get so angry that they just yell.
It's really cool how you put everybodies personalities into this project. I'm guessing that everybody is happy for it and that you are happy that it's done.

gildedguy responds:

I'm very satisfied with how it came out, thanks. (A CR is a report that our residential advisor, StAndrew, gives for misconduct and stuff)

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on level 16 or as you put it 4^2

I was on the bottom floor and I jumped right under the mine on the floor above me and it killed me. I didn't try it again to see if it would do it again but I didn't like it. :)

Liked the simple art that you put into this, and the controling took a bit to get used to.


I thought this was very easy and didn't get any real challenge out of it. I was able to beat all the levels within 2 tries and never had a problem that stumped me.
On levels 25 and 26 I was able to beat without using all the pieces. On level 30 I created a loop to see what would happen and after it told me "The level contains an infinite loop. Please try another setup." then the music started to dub play over itself.


I have 2 glitches. one can happen at any time. After you die, if you click the hawk (W) botton before the your guy refreshes to the beginning, it will do a weird move both of them but the hawk is the leader. I don't really know how to explain it but it's not hard to do. the other is on survival mode. I only did it once. If you grab onto the ledge right when the platform comes up, it will send you off the screen and to a bottomless pit. I wasn't able to do it again but it is there.
I didn't like the fact that the people just gave you all your battle moves. It just made it to easy for me. If we had to find them, and we missed one, it would bring on a little more of a chalange.

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I'm really torn by this song. There are some parts that I'm really enjoying, and then other parts that ruin it.

0:00 - 0:30 I almost didn't make it to 0:30 because the intro was so boring. There was nothing there that interested me.
0:30 - I felt this was when the music actually began.
0:48 - I really love the quick double tapping background. It complements the melody very well without overpowering it.
1:03 & 2:05 - I felt these parts were very weak and lazy. There is no energy to them to carry it. You had some amazing dancing feelings before and when the drops came, it was very lacking and ruined it for me.
3:06 - I enjoyed the ending. It was a good way to sum it all up.

Overall you have some great sounding parts, and some really lacking parts. I feel if you put more energy into those boring parts, you'll have a solid song.

SpeTheof responds:

thanks for the review and ur opinion

Wow, this song shows how much you 2 have progressed in your skill as composers. The complexity of all the sounds are put together so well to not overpower each other, but still hold their own in the song. It's amazing how many times I can listen to it and still hear something new.

I'm so proud that you guys stuck it out and are creating a name for yourselves.

Long time fan and never ending supporter.

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Same reason why people don't like jazz, classical, dub step, ect. People just don't like music because it's not their thing.
The thing about techno/trance is that it was over done so much a couple of years ago that most techno/trance became repetition and started to all sound the same to the general listener. Now that people have moved to dub step/house, people have forgotten how amazing techno/trance was and can be.
This is why I love Newgrounds. We have artist that loves and hasn't forgotten how amazing techno/trance is.
I'm not saying that this song is amazing, but it is unique and that's what I find fascinating about techno/trance.

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TastyTeo responds:

you are making a point there, Thank you


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